A bike ride to Morni Hills

I just love bikes and off-course, biking is one of my favorite hobbies. I have experienced it differently and at different locations, a number of times. For the last weekend, I planned to ride to Morni Hills along with my wife and explore the location.

Morni hill is a beautiful destination located nearly 40 km from the district Panchkula. I had seen this place earlier too but this riding experience was quite amazing. We started from the plain areas of Panchkula along with our beg-pack. We both were in our comfortable dressing, means we were already prepared to live the adventure of tracking and enjoying the less-explored areas of hills.

My wife was very much fascinated with the glimpse of wildlife, she saw while entering into the forest reserve area for Morni Hills. The weather was extremely calm and clear with the cool breeze chilling us. It was a soul smoothening ride, usually, I love to ride quite fast but here I was not at all willing to gear up for high speed because both of us were hardly willing to miss even a single moment of the day.

It was a fun ride on the spiral route and actually when roads are in their best shape, you are actually overwhelmed with joy and satisfaction. We took a halt under an old, giant size banyan tree at the roadside. There, we relaxed for a while and watch the beautiful creations of nature like some wildflowers, wild creeper closely. While we were taking some pics to save them as memories- red jungle fowls appeared in a group, it was amazing to see them this way.

Afterward, we started again covering all the patches of flora and fauna. In city life, as a whole everybody is so merged that they forget that nature has actually gifted us many beautiful things and that too at no cost. We again took a few halts at some eye-catching turns and spots and saw how nice it is to look around.

I am very foodie and carry a particular taste for food. So, in order to add flavors to our picnic we stopped at Bushman Hill Resort where we spend nearly 2 hours- we were happy to find that the food, its quality, and their service was altogether unmatchable. They were a number of riders like us who are like the regular visitor to the Morni Hills, took a special halt at Bushman Resort to relax and rejuvenate.

We reached the lake of Tikkar Tal finally, which has a very excellent picturesque view and undeniably alluring to the eyes and soul. We find a small waterfall also flowing through the hills nearby. Climbing the rocks to have a closer view of that waterfall was worth doing. We enjoyed and made the most of it.

For both of us, the experience to all the places and locations was worth revising. I am sharing these endless memories along with the untold wealth of soul-satisfying experiences in the lap of nature for other travelers like us- to rejoice and cherish the beauty of nature.

Navtej Singh