Content Strategy for A Business Conference


Falling in love with the world wide web is much higher for a marketing strategist as by any other. Be it a webinar, video conferencing, virtual discussions, slacks, social media discussions or hangout chat, the availability is important. Now, when we are just a step away from the screen, we get time to interact with – clients, customers, stakeholders; in-person. No virtual interaction can replace this as it not only enhances trust and bonding but helps us build our network, learn from others and generate solutions for some of our routine problems. So, is the importance of a business conference.

While planning to execute a purposive business conference, we look around for the details of a conference room, comfortable sitting arrangement, impressive outlook of the discussion room, adequate room temperature, humidity, water, snacks or maybe tea or coffee arrangements on time. We do prepare the list of speakers, guests, and other attendees at the conference and then plan to serve them in our best possible way. The next is the schedule of the conference- who will sit where and when?

The hoardings, flex, standees, backdrops, pamphlets, welcome emails and promotional banners are the next important things that you will have to decide and that too well-in-advance. Moreover, you will have to make sure that all of them must go in line with the intent/idea of the conference and must exhibit the true character of the event in themselves. Here, comes the issue of planning the content and content strategy for your event. You must have to sit down, think, pen down, write, edit and after finalizing publish the content later on, so that your objective to rightly engage your audience in required direction can be fulfilled.

For that, you will have to follow your content strategy step by step and decide what to do first. In first go, you might end up a little annoyed by not finding the proper selection of words and phrases which are unique in character and spirit. The best way is that you just sketch the whole content strategy first and then start working on the drafting of the same. This process requires a lot of free time to think till the time you strike with the best form of content/ words matching your business goals. All you need to revisit again and again is- “what content can add value to the event and create an impression on the audience without missing the hidden intent of the conference”.

A content strategist can be a ‘thinker’ to handle the challenging task to perform unplanned and unstructured nature of work. The person will have to dive-in completely into the essence of the industry concerned, real market scenario, ongoing trends and future prospects to come out with the flying colours. Then only they can contextualize their text to generate leads and hence, sell more tickets. They may need to question their own work again and again and then challenge their own words themselves to reach up to the adequate level and in fact, that level will leverageable- right for their business unit through the business conference.