Monastic Tour to ‘Little Lhasa’- McLeod Ganj

Nature is a paradise. Apart from holding the volumes of untold wealth to offer us, it is a lifeline to all of us in many respects. Especially, when I come to hills, their beauty is beyond the description. Hills are the among the anytime favorite destinations of most of us for their timeless beauty, unleash greenery, deep down snow, chilled air blowing around and the eye smoothening picturesque views.

In the plains of India during the summers when the summer sunlight is scorching and the mercury level is continuously rising to its highest, a visit to hills appears as a chief reliever. You just need to ditch the monotony for a few days and walk out of your air-conditioned room to live a few days completely in the lap of nature. It is a high time to plan a vacation out with family, friends, kids or maybe solo for some.

Himachal Pradesh- an abode of The Himalayas and the pleasant surprises with the spectacular sights, flowing perennial rivers, majestic tall standing mountains with loaded greenery, proud trees of ‘Chirr’and ‘Deodar’, the whistling chilled winds, sunrays causing Tyndal-effect and low-hanging clouds. All create a great ambiance of peace, joy, and love in surrounding and actually sufficient to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

The western part of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh is adjacent to the Panjab plains covers the circuit of- Jwalamukhi-Kangra-Dalhousie- McLeod Ganj-Sidbari-Tashijong-Bir-Dharamshala, popularly known by the name of Monastic Tour. Minimum time required for this is one day to cover the whole area. If you are traveling from Delhi, you can opt to come via Nangal (Panjab), crossing Bhakra Dam and entering Una district (Himachal Pradesh). In the beginning, you will see the low-height hills of Dhauladhar range. As you move up you will find the gradual elevation hills with the positive longitudinal rise. Soil and season suitable for temperate fruits like- Mango, Lichhi, Apple, pomegranates; you will experience numerous fruit orchards on the way.

Varying from those small to medium drainage systems, this zone has many rivulets dotting the hilly space. After offering your prayers to Jawalamukhi Temple, you approach towards Dharamsala and head for the sharp elevated Little Lhasa-land, -McLeod Ganj, which is nearly 24 km away from the Dharamsala.  Famous among the followers of Tibetan Buddhism, this place is a major attraction for its famous- Dalai Lama Temple, Bhagsu Nath Temple, BhagsuNath waterfall and Dal lake. Apart from these, there is also other spiritual attraction like- Kalachakra temple in the Mainstreet of McLeod Ganj, St.John in the wilderness, Nechung Monastery etc; looked for by the people who love to arrive the spot for to gain peace of mind and seek blessings.

You will love to roam around in the main street of McLeod Ganj to live by the Tibetan Culture, dresses, food, Tibetan arts, and handicrafts. In the evening you can experience the joy of music, melody, drinks and mouth-watering delicacies. There are numerous hotels and restaurants which serve their guests at its best but it’s always good to book in advance to avoid any last-minute hassle.

One can wish to travel by road-car or bus; also opt to take air route services till Kangra district. The best season to visit McLeod Ganj is- September to June; however, due to heavy rainfall-July and August are usually not suggested. In order to make the experience a little more interesting- one can hire a two-wheeler at nominal price to avoid traffic congestions and joy the ride among hills for a day. Meanwhile, the trekkers can gear up for their affinity to nature by covering the Triund Hills Track from McLeod Ganj and watch the footprints of nature very closely.