Luxuriate at Real-Thai Hotels in Thailand

While planning for the holidays to Thailand this time, you must have great expectations from altogether. Going out with family or friends or solo, the chief idea in your mind is a whole sole comfort in all its form. Of course, the whole intent behind your travel is to get relax, gain positivity, rejuvenate yourself in some cool and calm surroundings. You all the way looking to reach the height of luxury as per your need.

You could have spoken to your travel agents a number of times to ensure all the checklist and remind him of all what you exactly expect out of this tour. Apart from the mode of your travel, a time you have and places you roam; one more important segment is the hotel where you are going to stay.

While scrolling down the list of hotels and the comfort which they claim to offer, you must be apprehensive while actually deciding for one. In Bangkok, you can find really good Thai hotels that offer the real Thai experience to you. With enchanting city views spacious deluxe rooms, suites, and apartments, their hospitality is incredibly Asian. They overwhelm their guests by the services like-sample craft cocktails, poolside smoothies and Thai tapas in Bar, and salads served.

Physical, Mental and Spiritual wellness is also extended to you through traditional and holistic Thai therapies, rooftop lap pool, heat experiences and ice experience, and 24 hours dedicated fitness with personal attention and training.

Now the next important thing is that where should your hotel be located. Majorly depend on the time you are traveling Bangkok. If you are a first-time traveler than you will certainly look for easily accessible, may be centrally located place to accommodate. If you are traveling with kids and family then again, some easily accessible and connected part will suit you better. This is another way how you can be served better here at some centrally located hotels. Even premium wi-fi services are made to make your own connectivity easy as and when you want.

Your wonderful wish to smoothen yourself in pool bar after the exhaustive site seeing will be looked after here. You will be served with exotic juices, cocktails, beers, wines, tropical drinks, ice creams and some light bites. A few hotels with high bar feature is to uplift your mood and create an inviting atmosphere for your fun enabled relaxing here. Your ambiance of love will be uplifted by the wonderful lighting and comfortable furnishing inside is meant for your wellness and healing.

And now it comes to the dining. Yes, of course, you would love to bang on with the real Thai taste.

Thai cuisines are loved all over the world and known for their specific taste. Real Thai gourmet chefs know the art of winning your heart by satisfying your appetite. You will be served food in a contemporary way in the unusual surroundings. Your platter will be amazingly decorated with the cuisines you want. Ranging from genuine Thai taste to extravagant seafood buffets or from stylish western dishes to lazy bunches, you won’t be able to resist food in our warm and welcoming environment. While carefully keeping the room for tradition, modern and hi-tech features will also be ensured while serving you at your dining table.

Connecting you further, the Hotel clubs in Thailand are there to indulge in a series of complementary activities and stir up the remarkable Thai hospitality to you.


Network Building Through A Business Conference

Networking makes a business go-getter. Any businessman knows the importance of having good connections and will hence try to put them in their best way to make economic sense out of them. And that’s the real intent of organizing a conference.

A conference is called up to let like-minded, similar interest group people meet on a single platform where they can connect with each other and utilize each other well- resource wise, knowledge wise, financially, technically etc.

A successful business conference makes a lot of business sense. It helps an idea find an investor and an investor find an idea. It gears up for sharing technical knowledge, skills and help in removing roadblocks for a business.

How a conference work to expand business for you-

  1. Idea exchange- Ideas are the seeds of a business. They decide the fate of any industry. The stronger an idea is, a better outcome it will provide. A successful conference provides a horizon for the different ideas to come out and through discussion, they took a shape gradually.
  2. Knowledge updating- To stay ahead in any business, it is imperative to remain updated and informed. One should know well about the prevailing competitions and also trends in the industry. A conference work for you to improve your subjective intelligence.
  3. Explore potential clients- In the rapidly changing atmosphere, the needs of a business changes too. By connecting with the people, chances are high that you may meet potential clients or may be future business investors.
  4. Grow your network- High-end meeting in well-designed space and settings will impress the people whom you want to connect further to look for the growth of your business unit. The impact of a well-handled conference may lead to opening up new windows of prosperity.

Without losing the significance of a conference, it is also equally important to make sure that a conference happens in a comfortable surrounding wherein adequate lighting, temperature, clean sitting arrangements must be ensured. Otherwise, guest will get annoyed and the purpose of a conference may fail which will of-course not affordable for a business.

Keeping the importance of a business deal in mind, all details like- comfortable furniture, room temperature, parking facility for guest, high-tech system and other needed room material must be ensured properly to allow a good level discussion and learning environment. Even hiring some professional for the same may help you disburden yourself while maintaining the objective of the conference on top priority.

Our Environment- Our ‘Common’ Future

World Environment Day

Once passing through the desert state of India- Rajasthan, I noticed something worth telling. I saw a water park. You will be surprised that how come a water park is so worthy. In fact, I saw that a good gentry was playing and enjoying in a rich pool of water and beating the summer heat. When I just crossed only the boundary walls of that water park, I saw the animals fighting with the draught and even plants on the verge of dryness because of water shortage. Isn’t it something worth telling? Now your point of view may vary depending on the fact that whether you are an insider or an outsider. But the fact is that we all choose to remain ignorant until the time we ourselves actually encounter this situation.

5th June of each year is marked as World Environment Day by UN to raise awareness and create conscious among people over the environmental cause. But, is it merely a single day cause? It is an established fact and fundamental which we cannot afford to ignore ever, even a single day and even if we do ignore, we won’t be able to do so for longer.

Just recall any moment of your life when you had suffocated or just revisit the day when finding the drinking water was quite challenging for you for some time- you will realize the importance of them once again. You might have seen women carrying earthen pot on their head to meet the water needs of their family. Or maybe you might have seen an asthmatic patient struggling to breath-in little oxygen. In both of these situations, the person is not enjoying the basic fundamental as much easier as the rest of us may be enjoying or I can say exploiting.

It is the human tendency that we do not value a thing till the time it is available and start crying for the same once it is gone. Our nature has gifted us the most basic things in life- Air, Water, Earth, Plants, Birds, Rain etc. for free of cost. Perhaps that’s the reason that we, in spite of knowing their importance, continue to remain ignorant and handle them very loosely. Whether- it is about the wasting of water, polluting the air/water/earth, using plastic in numerous forms, cutting down trees, killing animals and whatnot; we are degrading our environment continuously.

On this special day- we saw a volume of related messages floating and pressing for the environmental demand. Yes, they help because they feed our unconscious mind and generate a sense of responsibility in us. People talk about-less plastic use, planting trees, recycling of the waste, adoption of the traditional practices to beat the heat. But meanwhile, taking action is utmost importance. Start from your own home. Teach your kids the value of the environment and create examples for them by doing the cause. Talk about this issue as we talk about any other gossip and let’s arrive at a conscious that do a little contribution from our own side because each drop has a value.



Finding the Best Event Planner

Events Management ChandigarhAll of us have to come across a number of events across our life. Ranging from personal to professional purposes, the events are always significantly important. What so ever may be the purpose of your event, the essence of it lies with the successful execution of it. Particularly when the majority of your reputation is at stake with respect to the event.

You can hardly wish to leave any spot unattended. All details such as- list of guests, invitation card designing, decoration of the venue, programs list, special arrangement for the guests etc. and any other corresponding blueprint of the event has to be decided in advance so that you do not leave anything for the last minute.

Be it a wedding plan, party planning, corporate events or any family get together, all you need is innovative bent to your show without losing the real purpose of the event. While searching on google you can list out a number of planners available who claim to offer the best and intact services. But a few things you must keep in mind while hunting for the best planner for your unique event.

Things you must consider while choosing an event planner-

  • The intellectual and innovative aspect of your event manager must match your own creative angle. This is required to match and meet the expectation and expected outcomes successfully.
  • Experience of your event manager is an altogether essential aspect. One must have sound knowledge and expertise with a long track record of dealing the event management successfully.
  • Event manager must be able to romanticise your vision and present to you the beautiful cute stories of the forthcoming mega episode. They should be able to visualize the event in advance and work out on any possible hurdle like a cake walk.
  • They must be able to deliver the customize shows, offer few tips to you and give you a total all-in-one managed outcome according to your wish list.
  • In order to stay ahead and live on the competitive edge in the industry, your event planner must be professional update with the latest trends, procedures and must be exquisite in taste.
  • The best planners/ managers are always rich with the ideas of the decors, gifts, styles, games, amusements and other fun-loaded activities. They offer you a wealth of exciting ways to make your D day in its real sense.

Join hand with the best planners in the industry to give you a soul-satisfying experience with a creative vision.

Morni Hills- A Hill station with a ‘Fresh’ Look

Just after the rain, fresh smell of the soil vowed us. It was green everywhere now and then. The beauty was on its youth, flowers were in its peak days and then there was hardly anything which you can find even a little dull. Around all the corners just a single tip of grass was pippin out.

One cannot certainly capture the said beauty in the camera as it was too awesome and unique to be captured justifiably. What did I do? I just get down to my vehicle to dissolve myself in nature and its surrounding. You must we wondering that what place I am talking about?

Well! It is about a place just nearby. It is Morni Hills, Panchkula. It is located in the span of around 30 km from the main city of Panchkula. Morni hills contain the beauty that is yet to be explored. Yet to known to the world. Although many nature lovers, adventures, bird watchers and botanical researchers know the worth of this hill station, still traditionally there is a short number of travelers if compared to Kasauli. However, in the gone days, things have moved in favor of Morni Hill Station.

Now the real explorers and adventures have started approaching the place. Thanks to social media, where sharing of pictures is a cake walk and this has helped people in knowing more about Morni Hills. Wrapped under the canopies of green shade and dotted by the picturesque spots, one can not simply resist going here more than once.

You can see the rich look of nature and the tremendous wealth it holds. You can also find some waterways encapsulated by all size toddlers and pebbles. We just decide to walk an extra mile to see the untold volume of its diversity. On our way, we saw many random wildlife animals like- dear, cock, pythons and a few more. A single day was actually short for us.

Finally, tired of the day out tracking we were aggressively looking for the place to relax and smoothen us. Luckily another traveler like us advised to see Bushman Resort nearby, we just headed for the same. Finding it in our close range, we were happy but happier we were with their service henceforth.

We were greeted excellently by the staff and served with the freshly cooked food of our choice. In short, our day was concluded beautifully with Bushman Hill Resort, Morni Hills. We were all simply rejuvenated. Later we decided to come over at this place for some grand celebrations with family and friends.