A bike ride to Morni Hills

I just love bikes and off-course, biking is one of my favorite hobbies. I have experienced it differently and at different locations, a number of times. For the last weekend, I planned to ride to Morni Hills along with my wife and explore the location.

Morni hill is a beautiful destination located nearly 40 km from the district Panchkula. I had seen this place earlier too but this riding experience was quite amazing. We started from the plain areas of Panchkula along with our beg-pack. We both were in our comfortable dressing, means we were already prepared to live the adventure of tracking and enjoying the less-explored areas of hills.

My wife was very much fascinated with the glimpse of wildlife, she saw while entering into the forest reserve area for Morni Hills. The weather was extremely calm and clear with the cool breeze chilling us. It was a soul smoothening ride, usually, I love to ride quite fast but here I was not at all willing to gear up for high speed because both of us were hardly willing to miss even a single moment of the day.

It was a fun ride on the spiral route and actually when roads are in their best shape, you are actually overwhelmed with joy and satisfaction. We took a halt under an old, giant size banyan tree at the roadside. There, we relaxed for a while and watch the beautiful creations of nature like some wildflowers, wild creeper closely. While we were taking some pics to save them as memories- red jungle fowls appeared in a group, it was amazing to see them this way.

Afterward, we started again covering all the patches of flora and fauna. In city life, as a whole everybody is so merged that they forget that nature has actually gifted us many beautiful things and that too at no cost. We again took a few halts at some eye-catching turns and spots and saw how nice it is to look around.

I am very foodie and carry a particular taste for food. So, in order to add flavors to our picnic we stopped at Bushman Hill Resort where we spend nearly 2 hours- we were happy to find that the food, its quality, and their service was altogether unmatchable. They were a number of riders like us who are like the regular visitor to the Morni Hills, took a special halt at Bushman Resort to relax and rejuvenate.

We reached the lake of Tikkar Tal finally, which has a very excellent picturesque view and undeniably alluring to the eyes and soul. We find a small waterfall also flowing through the hills nearby. Climbing the rocks to have a closer view of that waterfall was worth doing. We enjoyed and made the most of it.

For both of us, the experience to all the places and locations was worth revising. I am sharing these endless memories along with the untold wealth of soul-satisfying experiences in the lap of nature for other travelers like us- to rejoice and cherish the beauty of nature.

Navtej Singh

Morni Hills – a Perfect Gateway to spend your weekend

For all the coming weekend, get yourself hide in the Hills, live the moments of love and peace to re-believe in your existence. If you have special love for riding or driving on the hills then certainly Morni is the first place to spend the coming weekend with your travel buddies. Get yourself escape for a day from the city crowds to be in the lap of Mother Nature in Morni Hill station.

Even the month of September-October is assumed as the best month to travel. Because summers are retreating and winters are not far, these months are the awesome time to see the world around you a bit more. But if you are planning a short trip to the area nearby Delhi or Chandigarh then Morni Hills is the perfect excuse to spend your weekend.

Rather a bit unexplored but full of the wealth from nature, this place will give you a flavour of rich flora and fauna in the foothills of Shivalik range. Morni Hills not only attracts the travel lovers for its proximity to Chandigarh but also for its natural beauty, tracking options, boating, cycling and to spend some time in harmony with nature. This destination has a subtle climate along and beautiful landscapes. Nature enthusiastic and travel lovers fell in love with the mist and attractive landscapes of these Hills.

While starting from the district of Panchkula, Haryana; don’t forget to take a nice camera along because you can’t afford to miss the overjoy of wild-life, wildflowers, excellent natural tracking routes, tropical to subtropical forests, and above all the hide and seek between the hills and the clouds. You can also experience the frequent moments of encountering with the vivid colour butterflies, languor or other wild animals. Click them to save memories!

Where to stay, is the next possible question. If you have plans for more than a day then Bushman Resort is the place to offer you a great hospitality, comfort stays along with the best picturesque view. You will never wish to miss even the palate of their healthy and freshly cooked food, and the impressive way to serve that.

If you are coming via train from Delhi then Chandigarh is the nearest railway station, from here you can hire any private taxi or cab to reach Morni Hills. Additionally, you can visit the Nada Sahib Gurudwara – a popular Sikh pilgrimage centre near the base of Morni Hills, and also Mansa Devi Temple, Panchkula where the deity attracts the Hindu devotes all across.


Morni Hills- A Hill station with a ‘Fresh’ Look

Just after the rain, fresh smell of the soil vowed us. It was green everywhere now and then. The beauty was on its youth, flowers were in its peak days and then there was hardly anything which you can find even a little dull. Around all the corners just a single tip of grass was pippin out.

One cannot certainly capture the said beauty in the camera as it was too awesome and unique to be captured justifiably. What did I do? I just get down to my vehicle to dissolve myself in nature and its surrounding. You must we wondering that what place I am talking about?

Well! It is about a place just nearby. It is Morni Hills, Panchkula. It is located in the span of around 30 km from the main city of Panchkula. Morni hills contain the beauty that is yet to be explored. Yet to known to the world. Although many nature lovers, adventures, bird watchers and botanical researchers know the worth of this hill station, still traditionally there is a short number of travelers if compared to Kasauli. However, in the gone days, things have moved in favor of Morni Hill Station.

Now the real explorers and adventures have started approaching the place. Thanks to social media, where sharing of pictures is a cake walk and this has helped people in knowing more about Morni Hills. Wrapped under the canopies of green shade and dotted by the picturesque spots, one can not simply resist going here more than once.

You can see the rich look of nature and the tremendous wealth it holds. You can also find some waterways encapsulated by all size toddlers and pebbles. We just decide to walk an extra mile to see the untold volume of its diversity. On our way, we saw many random wildlife animals like- dear, cock, pythons and a few more. A single day was actually short for us.

Finally, tired of the day out tracking we were aggressively looking for the place to relax and smoothen us. Luckily another traveler like us advised to see Bushman Resort nearby, we just headed for the same. Finding it in our close range, we were happy but happier we were with their service henceforth.

We were greeted excellently by the staff and served with the freshly cooked food of our choice. In short, our day was concluded beautifully with Bushman Hill Resort, Morni Hills. We were all simply rejuvenated. Later we decided to come over at this place for some grand celebrations with family and friends.

My Day with Unleashed Beauty of Morni Hills

That day I was quite annoyed with the gadgets around. Actually, telling you I was highly exhausted with the web world. I shut down my PC and just went downstairs to look at the amazing flowers planted on the ground floor which were on their youthful days in the month of March. I found myself actually delighted! That thing occurs to me the most and I planned to explore the nearby area of Chandigarh.

What can be a better choice than travelling the nearby hill station- Kasauli or Morni. I had experienced going to Kasauli, a number of times so I decided to tour Morni Hills this time. I got myself ready with all required stuff packed in my car and decided to spend my day in the arms of mother nature.

Starting from my location, it took me less than an hour to cross Panchkula, Nada Sahib Gurudwara and I started getting a feel for possible adventure for me for the day. I turned my car as indicated by the signboards given by the administration and kick-started my route to Morni Hills.

I found it quite nearer distance wise but of-course the beauty it holds will never let anyone just by-pass the things by over speeding their vehicle. So was the case with me. I couldn’t just pass through. I paused, again and again, to admire that how wonderful nature is.

I found the cheering up and whistling sounds of the wild birds, buzzing of the bees and ‘coo’ sound of the cuckoo all around. A sudden appearance of the dear, neelgai, monkey, languor and wild cocks was adding romance to the episode. I was on the top of the sky and literally feeling lucky to get chance to come over here.

I could not resist myself from stopping my car at many spots and watch over the charm of nature for quite a period of time. Telling factually that this episode occurred to me to do wonder inside. I was surprised that how ignorant we are towards the mother nature and still, it has untold wealth for us. Without expectations, it is giving us a volume of love and life worth celebrating.

My story does not end up here. I am feeling short of words to express my heart out. I found that how short the day was. Right from the Panchkula district to TikkarTaal lake area, this path is wholly awesome. I took a halt at Bushman Resort and found myself refreshed and re-energized. Perhaps, one thing this travel changed inside me is that the most beautiful things in life are priceless and gifted by nature to us at No cost. We all must owe respect to them.

Explore the Unexplored- The Magnificent Morni hills!

Hiding completely under the canopies of dense trees, grooming silently yet bravely near the rapidly advancing city stretches; Morni Hills is the beauty yet to be touched by the travelers. Dotted near the border of Haryana- Himachal Pradesh this land has a charm of its own.

Morni Hills administratively comes under the Panchkula district of Haryana. As the name goes around the beautiful bird- Peahen, for Morni Hills, people admire it for being a natural zone, forest reserve area, wildlife area that has plenty of things to offer. You will feel the fantasy of nature here, which is off-course Much greater than your own fantasy.

Why take a trip to Morni Hills?
According to a popular say- if you have a good library and a beautiful garden, you are not at all alone in this world. So is the Morni Hills area- a garden, a green land, a forest land common to us.It is an ideal picnic or outing hot spot benefitted for being proximate to Tricity. This delightful place is surrounded by green pastures circled by the mounting Shivalik hills range.

At this Place, you will find yourself lost in the fragrance of fresh soil and seasonal deciduous trees. You will be amazed to see the coniferous trees, sacred fog trees, neem, oak, wildflowers and the thickly crowded places with the natural sub-tropical vegetation all over. On and off, a just glimpse of wild animals like- sambar, Kakkar, Neelgai, deer, sparrows, wild birds or sometimes big cat is not uncommon.

Traveler, adventurists and biologist cannot simply ignore the wilderness of the area and love to go deep inside to learn about the difference in the place. Deep down you will see natural lakes in the valleys, occupying their stable place with vivid flora, fauna right there. Down through- Tickkar Taal lake is located, near to which a waterfall which is just enough to rejuvenate yourself.

People holding a special love for tracking, wildlife safari, night-safari, adventure with animals or peace in the natural surrounding; must travel Morni Hills. Many roads are connecting this hill station from the highway and the best thing is you will see the unique view from each site and fall in love with nature once again.

You can take a nap in the lap of nature, rest under the roof like roots and know more over the untold stories of nature just beside you. Within a single day you can easily come, rest, spend leisure time and go back easily to your home from Chandigarh or nearby.

The beauty of nature is purely tremendous and even it is too huge that you may be left unsatisfied in a single visit. Walk slowly, walk empty or walk in your mood, this forest area will welcome you in your own way with open arms and help you see the clearest angle of life.